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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

REQUEST & update on Chelsea Ann pattern

UPDATE on Chelsea Ann pattern. Due to an order I need to get out I am running behind on finishing up my Chelsea Ann. I hope to have her done today or tomorrow and will update here on my blog as soon as she is ready.

I also have a request to make...if you buy my patterns they ARE NOT to be SOLD or GIVEN to anyone. Buying the pattern does not give you the right to give it to anyone. It has been brought to my attention that some people are doing this and I am asking kindly that you do not do this...IT IS ILLEGAL. I have also seen some people selling dolls made from my pattern that I know did not buy the pattern. I work very hard on my designs and am so thankful to everyone who is buying them and enjoying making them. It just isn't fair to not pay for the pattern or use it and not give me credit as the designer. I have mistakenly not listed someone as the designer myself before so I know it is an easy mistake to make on occasion but please DO THE RIGHT THING and give credit. If I continue to see this I will be forced to stop making e-patterns as I know this is what has caused this issue. Thanks so much for your understanding on this issue as I do love making dolls and patterns and hope to be able to continue doing it. THANKS!

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