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Saturday, November 13, 2010

UPDATES and toys for sale

Just wanted to give some updates on things going on...

I have added lots of toys to the TOYS FOR SALE page at the top of the blog (under the banner).  I will be glad to ship by USPS parcel or priority mail and UPS ground.  I can only ship on Mondays for UPS though since I have to go to their store...USPS goes out Monday through Saturday.  I am happy to combine any items to ship together to save money.  Most of these items are in like new condition and some are even new.  If you have any questions on anything just email me below at the link and put what you're interested in the subject line so I'll know what you're emailing about.  I will also have lots of clothes groupings for sale soon too.


I have 3 new patterns coming this week...a new Annie, a gingerbread and a teddy bear.  I will add pictures just as soon as I have them done.

Also, on patterns...I am NO LONGER SELLING TO SPAIN.  I have had various issues with people buying my patterns to trade with others and this is NOT ALLOWED since I own the copyright on my designs and I have not given permission to anyone to trade my patterns.  I've been asked about other things with my patterns as well so I'll go ahead and put that information here too.  I want anyone buying my patterns to be able to make dolls to sell them.  I just ask that you give me credit as the designer and that you don't mass produce them.  I don't allow anyone to make kits or do classes with my patterns either unless they have contacted me to work out an arrangement of them using the patterns in this way.  I would be glad to give a price break on patterns if you are doing classes or kits or something so that those people can legally have the pattern as well.  If you ever have any questions about my patterns please just email and I'll be glad to get back to you on them.  I LOVE making dolls and it is so wonderful to have others love to make them as well so it is really sad to see those who do take advantage of it. 

I will be adding some doll groupings tomorrow or Monday for some Annies and bunnies at low prices...these will be one time only and once they're sold they are gone...just need to clear up some space in my work area so it won't be something I do often.

I am working on lots of new items coming soon...ornaments (both Annies and painted ones), notecards, painted bookmarks that can be personalized as well, personalized ornaments, banners and lots of new dolls.  If you're looking for a special gift for someone I'd be glad to see what I could make you so just email.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back as soon as I have new items ready...

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