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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April TCC pattern club coming out today

Hi Everyone!

Things have been a little crazy here lately and Savannah has had the flu or something for the past week so I'm a little behind on things.  I am finishing up the April TCC pattern club doll today so I'll be adding her picture later today and emailing her out to all current members.  Be sure to get your membership in if you haven't already so you'll get her today.  I am continuing the free bear pattern through the end of April for all members who rejoin so you'll get two patterns today if you rejoin.  Here's the page for the PayPal button and all if you're interested in signing up.

I am working on a new doll pattern that I am in love with and hope to have her picture later today or tomorrow.  Her name is Georgia Ann and she has a painted face.  I am thinking about offering her also with her body all finished and face painted too if anyone is interested.  That way you can do her hair and clothes however you want.    I will also be updating the patterns for Morgan Ann, Bitty Button Annie and Nellie Ann from the January - March TCC pattern club.  I will continue to offer them in the template form for the $18  membership fee but will also have them in individual pattern form with instructions and all just like my regular patterns.  Just have to find the time to type everything all up.

Hope you have a great day and I'll be back later with the April TCC pattern club doll.



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