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Friday, April 1, 2011

one about a Kitty???? - UPDATED with winner

one more...Kitty...$6 e-pattern

If you're interested in having me make you a Kitty just email.  I have two ready to dress right away...cost is $24 plus shipping...your choice of first class mail or priority mail

I'll be back in a little while with the March giveaway winner and some other news...

The March giveaway winner is KAVETTA...Congratulations.  She'll be receiving an assortment of my tags and paper goodies. I will have a picture of the April giveaway some time over the weekend.  All purchases through my blog or custom orders will go into the drawing for the giveaway.  All TCC pattern club members have their name added twice.

Be sure to check out my TCC pattern club page too for the special for rejoining in the April - June subscription.  I will continue giving away this pattern for the next week or so for those who rejoin.  You can still join for the January - March subscription too if you'd like to catch up on things and get in on the free pattern for rejoining.  Here's the page for all the information....


Samantha said...

Hey!! I finally put the jute rope hanger with rag strips on my sign! Go take a look :)

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