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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sneak Peek...Georgia Ann

I was finally able to get the strawberry finished so here's a sneak peek at the new GEORGIA ANN pattern.  I'm not 100% but am better so I'm working as I can.  I ended up going to the doctor last Thursday since I couldn't take the pain anymore.  They couldn't find anything wrong and just gave me 5 days of steroids to take.  Well, last night was the last one so as I was afraid it's gotten a little worse today.  I am hoping it will be better tomorrow but we'll see.  

I have to finish typing up the instructions so I hope to get it done tomorrow.  I'll post as soon as it's done and have a PayPal button.  If you're interested in either doll just email.  They are $40 each plus shipping.  Alphabet Georgia Ann comes with her block and Strawberry Georgia Ann comes with her strawberry.

Hope you have a great night!!!!



1 comment:

Sharlene said...

These are beautiful Sheila! Amazing , even when you are suffering sooo badly you still manage to create such delights.Hope you feel better soon!