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Saturday, July 30, 2011

* SALE * ~ 1" tags 35 cents and $6 e-patterns

For a limited time I am having a sale on my 1" round tags and ALL e-patterns.  Below is a PayPal button to buy the e-patterns.  If you want more than one just enter how many you want and then add the names of the patterns in the instructions to merchant or email me with your choices.  My 1" round tags are on sale for $0.35 each with a minimum order of $5 not including can order other tags also to get to the minimum.  They are normally $0.40 each.  Just email your order with your zip code and I will send a request from PayPal.  If you have any questions just let me know.  There is a link on the left sidebar at the top for my tagaholic blog with lots of various pictures of my tags I've created.  I'll be glad to custom make them to what you want as well.

I also have a button on the left sidebar for my current pattern club.  Be sure to join in by Sunday to get the bonus pumpkin pattern template.

I've had some things come up this week and am still trying to sort out my things in my room but will be having lots of new stuff just as soon as I can get them finished up.  I will also be having LOTS of craft books and supplies for sell too.  I have lots of plastic canvas books, painting books, unpainted wood items, fabrics and various other things. 

click below for $6 e-pattern SPECIAL sure to order all on one cart please...

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