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Tuesday, September 1, 2015


* SOLD *Assorted fabrics 
about 5 lbs. of fabric
$20 plus shipping

Precious Moments panel
$5 plus shipping

John Deere wall hanging  panel
(includes 2)
$10 plus shipping

John Deere handmade apron with 3 pockets
$8 plus shipping

John Deere pillow panels
includes 4 of race car and 2 of green/beige 
$7 plus shipping

John Deere Johnny Tractor floor pillow panel
** 2 available **
$5 each plus shipping

John Deere 4 pillow panel
$6 plus shipping

John Deere apron panel
(lightweight canvas type material)
$5 plus shipping

Debbie Mumm seasonal home pillow panel
includes one of each design (Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter)
** 11 available **
$5 each plus shipping

Debbie Mumm sunflower pillow panel
includes 3 of the same pillow design
$5 plus shipping

bear quilt panel
** 5 available **
$5 each plus shipping

Daisy Kingdom bunny hanging panel
** 4 available **
$5 each plus shipping

Daisy Kingdom bear wall hanging panel
** 3 available **
$5 each plus shipping

Farm animal pillow panel
(includes 2 pillow pieces...1 of each design shown)
** 8 available **
$5 each plus shipping

Linen floral
(great for curtains)
4 yard piece
$10 plus shipping

Email if you'd like to buy anything

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