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Custom doll orders are welcome on most dolls if you're interested in having one made for you.


Friday, December 21, 2012

Valentine bunny

SOLD  Elly O'Hare
11" tall (not including her bow)
tag says Somebunny loves me
$30 plus shipping
can do in other clothes too if you'd like to custom order one...just email
pattern coming soon too....

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Valentine Annie tree topper

Valentine Annie tree topper
includes priority mail shipping in US

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Frosty snowman & early sign up for TCC pattern club special

Frosty e-pattern
(12" to the top of his hat)
Early TCC pattern club sign up for January - March 2013 SPECIAL...Frosty e-pattern is only $5
PayPal button below for buying e-pattern alone @ $8, with early sign up  @ $23 or sign up for Jan. - Mar. 2013 alone @ $18
January pattern club doll is a little Annie and will be released on January 1st.
$23 special is good through 12-31-12

select your option below...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

new dolls

Christmas Annie with kitty....13" or so tall
$38 plus shipping

Frosty pattern releasing 12-13-12
Frosty...12" to top of hat
$24 plus shipping

Kitty...12" tall
$25 plus shipping

SOLD  Bunny...12" tall
$25 plus shipping
These dolls are so much prettier in person.  It's cloudy and cold so I had to take the pictures inside with a flash.
Email if you're interested in buying any of these dolls.  They're available for immediate shipping. 
More dolls to be added as soon as I can get my camera charged....

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2 NEW patterns Annie ORNIES * Special & CUSTOM dolls

Rachel Ann
6 1/2" ornament

SOLD  Sarah Ann
6" ornament
Two new Annie e-patterns are ready to email.  I am doing a special price of $6.50 each until Friday on them.  After that they'll be the regular $8 and I will remove the special price PayPal button.
The PayPal button is below with the option for either dolls.  Please only make one payment if you are buying both.



CUSTOM ORDER ornament dolls
* price includes 1 doll and first class shipping in US
* will take 2 days to make from payment being received
* dress and tag can be color or saying of your choice
* dolls pictured are available as be sure to ask for one of them if you want it...there is only one of each already made like this but custom ones can be done in these same clothes

pick doll below

Monday, December 10, 2012

SPECIAL on Christmas doll

10" Annie ornie
have yourself a raggedy little Christmas
$26 includes priority mail shipping in US

Be sure to check out post below for the new TCC club doll

December TCC pattern club doll

(custom order Jilly Ann doll (any color or theme) is $35 with priority shipping in US...PayPal button to purchase is at the bottom of this post)
Jilly Ann
6 1/2" sitting doll (not including her bow)
she is a pretty good size doll and could be done with her legs down to be longer
BONUS - her pattern will come with a bonus page of different size hearts to use for adding to dolls or making for them to hold
Jilly Ann is the TCC pattern club doll for December
She is the last doll in this subscription.  The other dolls for this subscription were Flurry & Glory Ann pictured below...

Below is the PayPal button to join the club for the current subscription to get all 3 patterns for $18.
All club patterns come with a cover sheet that has the picture and all supplies needed, the template pieces with any measurements you need and normally there is a bonus template.  I also supply a BASIC INSTRUCTIONS file for general directions on how I make my dolls.
If you want any of them without joining the club they are $10 each until the end of December.  I'll add a PayPal button below the club button for that option.
TCC pattern club Oct. - Dec. 2012

Pattern purchase for non club members

$10.00 each

pick your pattern from options below

CUSTOM ORDER Jilly Ann doll with priority shipping in US


can be made in any color or theme...just email with any questions

Saturday, December 1, 2012

new BUNNY tree topper pattern coming soon...

Janet O'Hare tree topper bunny
pattern will be available Monday 12-3-12
Below is a PayPal button to buy the e-pattern (it will be emailed on Monday)
Janet O'Hare e-pattern 


Below is the PayPal button for that...
Janet O'Hare custom order doll & US shipping

Friday, November 23, 2012


10" doll (not including bow)

9" doll (not including bow)
(limited time)
(price includes shipping in US)
your choice of Betsy Ann or Carrie Ann
price is for 1 doll
can be dressed in any color or theme you want
tag can have any word or saying
just email if you have any questions
will take approximately 3 days to create once payment is received


choose your doll

Sunday, November 18, 2012

SPECIAL * custom order Flurry doll

CUSTOM ORDER Flurry doll
includes priority mail shipping in US
(if you need international shipping please email)
any color dress, bow & tag with your choice of word or saying
can come with her hands sewn together and greenery if you want...can also come without if you prefer
EMAIL if you'd like to discuss before buying

Monday, November 12, 2012

November TCC pattern club doll - GLORY ANN tree topper

(Glory Ann pictured above is available for $25 plus shipping...I will take custom orders for her in any colors as if you'd like to order this doll, custom order a tree topper doll or have any questions on any other type of tree topper doll)
Here's the November TCC pattern club doll... Glory Ann.  She is 10" not including her bow and sits right on top of your Christmas tree.  She does not have legs.  There will be a bonus template of wings to make her in to an angel.  She could also sit on top of a bottle to display her if you wanted.  I will be emailing her pattern tonight to all pattern club members. 
I have been questioned a lot on selling individual current patterns so I have decided to also sell her to anyone who isn't in the club for $10.  That is an increased price above my normal e-pattern price but you can wait to get her at the $8 price in January if you prefer.  I'd love for you to join club too and she would only be $6.  The pattern club includes 3 e-patterns...1 each for October, November and December and is only $18 total.  I'll put the options below for joining the club or just buying Glory Ann's e-pattern at $10.  I will not sell her pattern for the $8 price until January 1st.  Club patterns include the cover page with the picture and all supplies needed, all templates, any bonus templates, all extra measurements needed for clothes or anything and a basic instructions file for making any of my dolls.
The October pattern was
TCC Pattern Club Oct., Nov. & Dec. 2012

non club member Glory Ann e-pattern


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

new dolls

Raggedy Hugs and Gingerbread Kisses (ONE OF A KIND)
8" sitting (not including her bow) and about 13" from foot to foot (a pretty good size doll)
she comes with her little gingerbread and measuring spoon
$50 plus shipping
email if you'd like to order

on ebay 
Harvest Thyme Annie & pumpkin (ONE OF A KIND)
11" not including her bow
comes with her 4" pumpkin
$40 plus shipping
email if you'd like to order
The crow/pumpkins below are on sale for $12 plus shipping. 
They measure approximately 8" x 8".
email if you'd like to order




Sunday, October 21, 2012

past TCC pattern club patterns

I've added a page at the top of my blog with all past TCC pattern club patterns shown and a PayPal button at the top of that page for purchasing.  Any 3 patterns are $18 and if you want more than 3 they are $6 each and I can send a request.  If you want just 1 or 2 patterns they are $8 each and there is a PayPal button on the left sidebar for purchasing any e-pattern. 
Current club patterns can not be included in this.  Below is the first doll in this current subscription and you can join the club at the top of the left sidebar...
If you have any questions just EMAIL and I'll get back with you.