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Monday, June 27, 2011

June TCC pattern club

doll pictured is available for $25 plus shipping...can be custom made also
June's TCC pattern template is Mary Ann.  You'll also receive templates for a crow, heart & star that she could hold.  Due to the delay this month due to my arm/shoulder injury I also included a sheet full of my hand drawn words and sayings.  You can still join for the April - June subscription so just purchase that at the bottom of the page at the top of my TCC pattern club.... here's a link to the page...

I will also be offering a bonus for those rejoining early on the July - September subscription.  Below is a PayPal button to buy the July - September subscription...

If you are interested in the April - June & July - September subscription just email and I'll be glad to send a request from PayPal for them both.

I hope to have my new bagholder Annie pattern ready in the next day or so.  The special on the posting below will end once that pattern is released.

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