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Sunday, March 20, 2011

update on pattern club & other info...

Hi Everyone,

Things have become really hectic lately and I'm behind again...some personal and family things (the above were items I did for my SIL for her birthday...I'll have a posting soon on the wonderful lady who made the wood for me).  I apologize for the delay in my pattern club but will have it ready tomorrow with a bonus extra for the delay that I think you'll enjoy. I am also working on a special for all current members who rejoin this next quarter.  I will have lots of new items coming this week as soon as I can get pictures taken.  I also will have lots of craft supplies coming...plastic canvas patterns, John Deere cloth, etc.

I have one other thing that has become a problem for me that I must ask to stop.  I myself may have missed giving credit on patterns and I try very hard to not do that.  I have noticed it happening quite a bit with some people and some are even changing the face a little and claiming it as their own pattern.  When you buy my pattern that is part of the agreement you make when purchasing must state that you used a The Craftaholic Creations pattern.  Claiming it as your current or older design or anything like this is misuse of my copyright.  I have also noticed that some bloggers are scanning and giving away others patterns on their blog for anyone to take.  I ask you all please to honor others copyrights and please give credit where it is due.  I may upset some people by saying this but it just isn't fair to be doing these things and I know that deep in your heart you know it's wrong yourself.  I have lost come customers because of them misusing my designs and copyrights but I know that doing the right thing is THE RIGHT THING.  I am no saint but I try to do the right thing and I hope you would think no less of yourself than to do the same....BE HONEST and DO THE RIGHT THING.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



1 comment:

Sharlene said...

Good for you Sheila, they should honour your wishes otherwise we loose to many talented people like yourself.