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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Just wanted to share a picture of Savannah's first day of school which was last usual I'm late in showing it...I should have the nickname THE WHITE  The sun was glaring to the top but it turned out really pretty anyway.  Her last year in middle school.  Hopefully it will be a great year for her.  She is in honors classes and hopes to get some credits for high school completed this year.  Would be great to be ahead to possibly get some college ones done in high school.  These days it's great to have an advantage on any of it you can.  We are very proud of her. 

I am going to have some new dolls to show later today that are all one of a kind.  I have lots to finish dressing before I start on other new patterns.  I am still trying to complete the Pepper Ann and bagholder patterns and will post them just as soon as they're done. 

I am interested in making doll bodies and painting faces.  That is something I enjoy in the doll making process and would love to give you a quote if you're interested in having that part done.  Just email if you're interested and we can discuss further.

Hope you have a great day and I'll be back later today with dollies.

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kavettahulse said...

She looks so grown up and very pretty. I hope she has a great year. I've got one in 12th, one in 10th and a first grader. Ready for some quiet time to craft!