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Monday, January 4, 2010

CAUTION...nude photos....LOL!!!!!

While spraying some Annie's faces the other day I just couldn't resist propping them in the tree to dry and snapping a few photos. They looked so cute hanging out in the tree...LOL! I'm sure they were freezing too. It's been super cold here for us so not too much of doing anything outside lately. I've tried to keep that to a minimum and have had to stop walking first thing in the morning. Now it's just lunch and after dinner. I just can't seem to stand those morning temperatures. Hopefully after this week we'll warm back up to at least the 40's. I don't remember it ever being this cold in South Carolina for so long....BRRRRR. I'm going to offer a special on some of this style Annie for $25 plus shipping so just email if you'd like to place a custom order while this special is going on. Your Annie will be fully dressed...LOL!
I am working on lots of new dolls and a new pattern as well. I hope to start listing things tomorrow so I'll be back to update as soon as anything is done. I am also going to continue my pattern sale through this coming weekend. I have lots of tags in the works too so hopefully they'll be lots of new goodies for you to take a look at this week.

Hope you have a great one and try to stay warm!

1 comment:

Denni said...

That has got to be the cutest picture I have seen. It looks COLD with the frost on the grass. Get those girl's dressed ;) Hope you have a great New Year!! (I love your cute Andy with the football. I'm going to order that pattern.)