Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pattern SPECIAL & finished dolls

I'm having an e-pattern special for 2 days on all available patterns....3 for $21. Just list your pattern choices in the INSTRUCTIONS TO MERCHANT of your payment. Sale ends on 1-28-10.
I also have PayPal buttons on the side to purchase the finished dolls from my Laundry Lindsey Ann & Patchwork Paisley Ann patterns. The dolls pictured for the patterns are the ones you will receive. If you buy both dolls I will refund the shipping cost from 1 doll and send you an extra something in your package.
New patterns will be coming out late in the week along with lots of tags ready to buy this week on my tag blog.
Hope you have a great one and just let me know if you have any questions!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New ANNIE patterns!!!!!!!

Here are my newest Annie patterns for 2010! I LOVE them!!!!! Hope you do too. Both dolls are around 13" and patterns are available now. I will put a PayPal button on the side to order them and if you want to order the paper pattern just let me know.
Hope you have a GREAT Sunday!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Patterns are finally ready

Just wanted to let you know that I have Milly and Snowflower's patterns ready to mail or email. I've had problems with my eyes lately so working on the computer has been a problem. I added buttons on the side to order the e-pattern through PayPal. If you want to order the pattern to be mailed just email me @ derrekandsheila@msn.com with pattern order in the subject line. Please do not send emails with attachments because I can't open them....thanks for understanding.

Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend! More new patterns coming very soon so stay tuned. HINT...Laundry Lindsey Ann, Patchwork Paisley Ann and more...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SNEAK PEEK @ new patterns

Here's a sneak peek at my newest dolls for 2010. I hope you love them as much as I do! Milly is 13" and Snowflower is 14". The patterns will be available Thursday. I'll post a link on my sidebar to buy them as soon as I get them done. If you'd like to go ahead and get your e-pattern order in, just place your order through the top PayPal button for e-patterns and list the pattern or both patterns in your payment.
My ezshoppe will be closing tomorrow so the only way to find me will be through my blog, picturetrail site and ebay for now. I will be on etsy soon and will be updating my blog with more features as well as more things on my picturetrail site. My tag blog will also start having tags that are available to purchase on my sidebar of it.
Be back tomorrow....talk to you then...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

another new Annie

2 posts today so be sure to check the other one out below.

Here's another cutie for my SPECIAL price of $25 plus shipping. Just email with PINKY in the subject line if you'd like to buy her. There's a CONTACT button in my ezshoppe to email me.
She is absolutely adorable in person!!!!!!!! I just LOVE her!!!!!!
I listed some new Annies on ebay too so be sure to check them out from the link to the top left....MY EBAY AUCTIONS.

My Funny Valentine Annie

My Funny Valentine Annie measures 12". SPECIAL price is $25 plus shipping....$5 in US. I will take custom orders on this Annie. Custom order can have this mouth or a smile. Can be same dress or any color or them you'd like. Special pricing is for a limited time only. I can also include a tag if you'd like. Just email through my CONTACT button in my ezshoppe with Valentine Annie in the subject line. Made using a Sweet Meadows Farm pattern with some of my own touches.

Monday, January 4, 2010

CAUTION...nude photos....LOL!!!!!

While spraying some Annie's faces the other day I just couldn't resist propping them in the tree to dry and snapping a few photos. They looked so cute hanging out in the tree...LOL! I'm sure they were freezing too. It's been super cold here for us so not too much of doing anything outside lately. I've tried to keep that to a minimum and have had to stop walking first thing in the morning. Now it's just lunch and after dinner. I just can't seem to stand those morning temperatures. Hopefully after this week we'll warm back up to at least the 40's. I don't remember it ever being this cold in South Carolina for so long....BRRRRR. I'm going to offer a special on some of this style Annie for $25 plus shipping so just email if you'd like to place a custom order while this special is going on. Your Annie will be fully dressed...LOL!
I am working on lots of new dolls and a new pattern as well. I hope to start listing things tomorrow so I'll be back to update as soon as anything is done. I am also going to continue my pattern sale through this coming weekend. I have lots of tags in the works too so hopefully they'll be lots of new goodies for you to take a look at this week.

Hope you have a great one and try to stay warm!