Thursday, October 29, 2009

Annie Angel

Annie Angel is 17" to the top of her bow.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Gabby Ann is 16" to the top of her bow.
e-pattern is $8
mailed pattern is $10 (free shipping to US)
She will be available tonight 10-7-09

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This ONE OF A KIND hand painted basket is $30 plus shipping. The size is 17 1/4" wide (not including handles) x 6 1/4" deep x 5 1/4" high. I have crackled the background on the wooden piece attached to the front and painted 5 gingerbread girls on it. I added some snacks for the picture so you could see one use for it...the snacks aren't included...lol. It would be great for bread, towels, dolls, etc. Just email if you're interested in buying it....you can go to my ezshoppe in the top right corner and use the contact button...put gingerbread basket in the subject line please.
EMAILS: I have been getting some emails lately with attachments from people I don't know so I thought I should put a note here. If you are trying to email me about my items please do not add icons, attachments, etc. as I do not open those from people I don't know. Just wanted to note that in case anyone just thought I wasn't emailing them back on purpose. You just never know about virsuses and all on attachments and I'm not taking any chances....hope you understand.
PATTERN UPDATE: I am finishing up my Gabby Ann tonight so I'll have her picture added tomorrow and should have her pattern ready tomorrow or Thursday. Hopefully I'll have a couple others too but will have to see what all I can finish up.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

new PAINTED Annie items

Lots of new painted items done and more to come soon as I need to make room in my craft room so I can work in here more. Here are some of the new Annie items. I hope to get some individual photos done tomorrow and post them along with price. If you're interested in anythings just let me know. The items include a metal container (holding a set of hand drawn notecards/envelopes, a travel tissue with cover, a small legal pad decorated and candy), an 8 x10 canvas with Annie holding her chicken (suitable to be displayed as is or would look great in a black frame), a glass jar (great for pencils/pens, utensils, candy, etc.), a night light, and photo albums (fit 100 4 x 6 photos)...I do have more of the photo albums that aren't pictured and they will be personalized in the area above Annie or to the side of her.
NEW PATTERNS UPDATE: I will have new doll patterns coming out soon. They are already sewn and stuffed...just waiting to be stained and finished. I hope to have the first one done over the weekend and will post any new updates on here as soon as I have anything done.
Things have been super busy here so I haven't had time to get close ups or prices on here so I thought I'd go ahead and put prices since I've had some emails about it...
prices do not include shipping...that would be determined by your zip code...
A is for Annie metal holder with items $35.00
pencil/pen jar $11.00
photo albums ~ $15 each
painted canvas with Annie holding chicken ~ $18
night light ~ $15
I do have more than 1 of some items so if you want more than one just ask and I'll let you know what I have.
Custom orders will be taken on the metal holder or night light as I have more of those that only have the background done so I could paint whatever you'd like on those.