Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TCC pattern club - AUGUST DOLL

The August TCC pattern club pattern will be for Pincushion Frannie Ann.  She will come with 2 bonus faces for you to pick for your creations.

Be sure to join the club to get this new pattern emailing out tomorrow...8-1-12.

The July pattern was the adorable Betsy Ann below...

TCC pattern club subscription July - September 2012


I also just released the new pattern for Genelle Ann on the post below...

Monday, July 30, 2012

new pattern GENELLE ANN ready

e-pattern for Genelle Ann
13" raggedy doll


NEW PATTERN coming 7-31-12...Genelle Ann

doll pictured is available for $30 plus shipping

alphabet annie 10" or so
$28 plus shipping

Kitty in blue
11" or so
$24 plus shipping

Just email if you're interested in any of the dolls above.  The Genelle Ann pattern will be ready tomorrow 7-31-12.  She is such a cutie in person.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Olde Glory Annie

olde glory Annie


$25 plus shipping

email if you'd like to purchase

Monday, July 23, 2012

bunny for sale

Bunny for sale...

10" or so tall in the sitting position

can add whiskers if you'd like

$35 plus shipping

email if you'd like to purchase...can change bow if you need it a different color

check back later today for a new Annie or two


corner to the garage entrance

left side of the driveway turnaround (gets sun all day so it grows like crazy...you can't hardly even see my mushrooms in there)

right side of driveway turnaround (doesn't get as much sun as you can see the shade...plants don't grow as full but my grasses and crepe myrtle bloom a couple weeks before the other side...don't know why?????) 

one of my many rose of sharons (we probably have 30 all around the sides and the house in various areas) and some sea roses around the bunny

this side is what you see when you come up the driveway...my kitchen is on this side of the house so I get to see all these blooming as I cook, wash dishes and eat

this is the entrance to the stepping stones where you go to the front porch...I just trimmed my small crepe myrtles at the end (between the grasses)...they're going to be like the ones above on the sides of the turnaround other than they are purple flowering...I'm hoping to keep putting the miracle gro on them to get them a few feet taller this year...we have variegated grass along the stepping stones and we added yellow lantana between each one this year...they love it there with all the sun and have to be trimmed a good bit to keep them out of the walking area

Just thought I'd share some early morning pictures of some of my flowers.  Of course my batteries died so this was the only side of the house I got.  I will take more of all around the house and some of my beds in the yard when I get them recharged.  We have worked on putting rocks from our property around beds over the years and wanted to finish with putting them around the house and all the bushes and trees along the edges where we mow.  Lots more loads to go and pick up from one of my parent's rental properties but I really like how it all looks.  I just wish it wasn't so hot while doing it but 3 or 4 more loads should get it all done...hopefully.  We still need to go around half of the house, the building behind the house and all the bushes and trees along the edges.  We only maintain about 2 acres of our property so the outer edges are cut by a local farmer twice a year for the hay.  He was coming the other week when the rain started so now we have to wait until he can come once it's all dry.  We have various critters coming and going through it so I'll be glad to have it cut soon.  We've seen one coyote near the house this summer and the deer come through daily.  Mac always lets us know when anything is around.  He is such a great guard dog.  You can see from the first picture there is a road coming in.  It is a private road that our neighborhood owns and is about 1/2 a mile long.  Mac's area is behind the house so he can watch it at all times.  The UPS or Fedex people don't even get to the entrance before he is up and and barking to let us know.  He keeps looking at the French doors to make sure someone comes to see it.  He really wants to make sure we know someone is coming into the area.  He doesn't bark at most of the neighbors vehicles other than the ones who have a camper...he hates that camper...lol.  I don't know if it's the sound of it or what, but he barks at it until he can't see it anymore.

I'm off to work on some dolls, patterns and painting....just thought I'd share some of my flowers with you this morning.  I'll be back later today with some new dolls.  I have also removed two of the dolls from the doll bundle and lowered the price to $110.

Hope you have a great day!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Annies in blue

SOLD  raggedy Ann - 12"

$30 plus shipping

SOLD  lil miss Annie - 9"
$22 plus shipping

A is for Annie - 10"
$29 plus shipping

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

3 NEW dolls

horses Annie...21"..can add a tag if you'd like with your choice of word or saying

$45 plus shipping

lace flower Annie...12"

$35 plus shipping

gingerbread Annie...21"

great for a gingerbread kitchen and at Christmas time

$50 plus shipping

If you're interested in buying any of the dolls just email with DOLL ORDER in the subject line.  They are so much cuter in person than my pictures show.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

doll bundle REDUCED to $110


 $110  plus shipping (can ship priority or parcel)

(so that's just a little over $12 per doll )

this includes all the dolls on this post...

These would be great for craft shows, Christmas gifts or to add to your own collection.

BONUS:  I will also include 20 of my own hand drawn tags for you to use on your own things.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Noel e-pattern limited time SPECIAL

10" raggedy doll

This doll was from my TCC pattern club in November.  She makes a wonderful Christmas, Americana or everyday Annie doll.

Custom order dolls - $36 plus shipping - takes approx. 1 week to make

$8  $6.50

Lil Miss Annie e-pattern is still at the special price of $6.50 too for one more week and then she goes to $8.  Below is the link with all the information about her and the PayPal button...


other newly released patterns...you can order through the post about each doll or order any e-pattern from my left side bar and just put the name of the pattern you'd like

I also have a standing special on 3 patterns - 3 for $21...there's a button on the left side bar for that too...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

weekend DOLL SALE & tag special

annie in star dress - $15 plus shipping

annie in plaid dress - $15 plus shipping

lil annie - $15 plus shipping

lil sunflower annie - $15 plus shipping


prim Annie ornie - $18 plus shipping

blue plaid sheep tag Annie - $18 plus shipping

All dolls pictured have been reduced for this weekend sale.  Just email if you're interested in buying anything.  I can ship by first class mail or priority mail and can give you a quote on shipping if you'd like.


Weekend tag special

My 1 1/2" round tags with a word or saying are on sale for $0.30 each.  They are normally $0.40 each so be sure to stock up for the fall and holidays to put on your dolls and creations.  Lots of examples on my tagaholic blog but I can also do custom words for you.  Just email if you'd like to order some.  My minimum on tags is a $5 order prior to shipping being added. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

NEW Kristi Ann pattern

(doll pictured is available for $35 plus shipping...will take custom orders for other colors too)

Kristi Ann e-pattern


- 14" raggedy doll pattern
- tags are available through me for $0.60 each
- if you prefer a mailed copy the cost is $10...just email to order

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sneak Peek at Kristi Ann

Just thought I'd give you a sneak peek at my next pattern...Kristi Ann.  She'll be available tomorrow so be sure to check back.  She is a sweetheart!

Some of the dolls on recent posts have new sale prices on them so be sure to check those out for some good deals.

Also, be sure to check out the ebay auctions ending tonight.  All orders are receiving a little hand drawn surprise in their package.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PIN KEEPS for sale

2nd post today...be sure to check out other new things below...

$20 each

- 9" tall sitting on vintage spring
- coffee/vanilla stained
- tag can be changed if you want a different word or saying
- includes shipping in US


Flower pin keep

$10 each

- 3 1/2" wide
- includes shipping in US
- pins & needles tag
- tag can have a different word or saying if you'd like

options of pin keep

custom order SPECIAL

Custom order Carrie Ann

- will take about 1 week to make
- 9" doll
- can be done in any color or theme
- tag can have whatever word or saying you want
- will do a full dress with sleeves if you prefer

$23 includes first class shipping


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

new lil' dolls

lil' sunflower Annie - $18 plus shipping
sale price $15

lil' Annie - $18 plus shipping

sale price $15