Sunday, January 27, 2013

SALE - 1 1/2" tags 30 cents each & e-patterns 3 for $18

any 3 e-patterns (not just ones pictured above) for $18
put names of patterns you wanted in the instructions to merchant in your payment or email me (please put doll order in the subject line if emailing)
if you want more than 3 please email me for a request from PayPal for the amount you want at $6 each
3 e-patterns for $18
sale has ended 

1 1/2" round tag special - $0.30 each

minimum order is $5 before shipping

here is the link to my tag blog where lots of my tags are pictured...

The Tagaholic Blog

special is for the 1 1/2" round tag and will not come with a string at this price

I can do almost any word or small saying on these tags so just email with any questions or your order.  Please put TAG in the subject line of your email.  Price is 30 cents per tag with no string attached.  If you need strings just let me know and I can tell you the cost to add them according to how many you're ordering.

These specials are for 48 hours only.  I will remove the PayPal button on the e-patterns at that time.

Friday, January 25, 2013

bunny pattern & custom order dolls

Elly O'Hare
11" bunny (not including bow)
will include bonus carrot & egg templates
e-pattern is ready to email now

Elly O'Hare only - $30 plus shipping
Elly O'Hare with choice of egg or carrot - $35 plus shipping

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bunny with egg & Annie doll with banner

SOLD  Elly O'Hare with egg
11" not including her bow
$35 plus shipping
SOLD  Annie loves Andy
(made from my Rachel Ann pattern)
6 1/2" not including her bow
$24 plus shipping
Just email if you're interested in buying anything.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Easter Bunny
13" (not including her bow)
$30 plus shipping

These bunnies are all ONE OF A KIND.  Just email if you're interested in buying anything.  Please put bunny or something in the subject line of your email so I know what you're emailing about because some emails go to my junk file and I'm not sure what they are so I don't open them.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Easter bunny tree topper CUSTOM ORDER

Easter Janet O'Hare tree topper
with carrot... $35 plus shipping
without carrot... $30 plus shipping

Just email if you'd like to custom order.  I can do 2 more in this print or you can pick from other Easter fabrics I have below...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

NEW dolls & January TCC pattern club

Sierra Ann
January TCC pattern club doll
(pattern being released today...see bottom of this post)
8" doll
$21 plus shipping
I'll also take custom orders for Sierra Ann in any color or theme you'd like...just email

lil Annie & her sheep
10" doll & 4" sheep
$30 plus shipping
Sierra Ann is the first doll in the current 3 month subscription to the TCC pattern club.  Below is a PayPal button to purchase the 3 month subscription for $18.  I am also selling the e-pattern to non club members for $10.
TCC pattern club Jan. - Mar. 2013


Sierra Ann e-pattern for pattern club


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New dolls

Hugs & Kisses Annie
8" (not including hair & bows)
she's holding a heart & sweet annie
$24 plus shipping

Justice Annie
6" (not including hair & bow)
$20 plus shipping
If you'd like to order just email
I had to take some time off but am back to working today so I'm catching up on emails and working on dolls and the January TCC pattern club doll.  I'll hopefully have another post later today with the that doll and possibly some others.
Wishing everyone a Wonderful New Year!!!!