Saturday, September 24, 2011

Early purchase special for TCC pattern club

For this next subscription of my TCC pattern club I have decided to do something new.  All subscription purchases made by September 30, 2011 will receive some of my handmade tags. These will be assorted tags and will be a minimum of 6 sent...possibly more in some.  I will mail them out without strings to save on shipping.  So I hope you'll join me for this next subscription.  I have some cute dollies running around in my head for these 3 months.

Below is the PayPal button for purchasing...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September TCC pattern club.... MERRY ANN the elf

doll available for $35 plus shipping....email if you're interested

Here's the new September doll for the TCC pattern club.  She'll be emailed out later today.  If you're interested in joining for this 3 month subscription it includes Merry Ann, Eva (pictured below) & Percy Ann (pictured below)...the link to join through PayPal is below too...

TCC pattern club... July, August, September

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

craft supplies and books for sale...updating throughout the day

FALL SET...21 pieces...all NEW items...close up pictures below with list of what is included under them...$25 plus shipping...email if you're interested in purchasing

iron on transfer (was opened but not used), cloth pumpkin kit, scarecrow stencil, rub on transfers

pilgrim rub on transfers (7 sets), scarecrow/witch rub on set, Indygo Junction pattern, 8 large black birds, there is a also 1 small flying black bird not shown in this picture


7 Red Hat Society sweaters for 12" to 16" bears...was going to use for
 Annies but haven't had time and need to get them to someone
 who will use them....$25 plus shipping ...email if interested in buying


2 NEW calendar kits...materials included to decorate...$18 plus shipping...email if interested in buying

3 MEME'S QUILTS Annie patterns...I bought these on ebay from someone but never got around to using them...Guardian Annie 20", Lucie and her goosie (no size on outside), Emmaline 15"...$18 plus shipping

Satin Sheen twisted ribbon...15 colors...a few have a little used on them but most are full 5" x 16 feet...including some instructions sheets on things to make with it...$18 plus shipping...great for using outdoors...email link at bottom of this post
RENUZIT instructions for making lots of different ones...included instruction sheets, book and tape...another item I never got around to using but these give you so many uses and ideas to decorate the Renuzits...$15 plus shipping...email link at the bottom of this post
McCalls patterns...PONCHO children's & girls XS 3-4 to XL 14-16... GIRLS dress, pants & tops size 3-4-5-6, Misses rag quilt Jacket & Tote...NEW patterns that I never got around to using...$12 plus shipping...email link at the bottom of this post



Button Annie & Button Basket (34") and Beau Andi & Charlie Horse (31") patterns...I bought these from someone on ebay but haven't ever had a chance to make them so I need to get them to someone who will make them up...they are big...$15 plus shipping...email link at the bottom of this post


more coming all day today...LOTS of books, some patterns, cloth, misc. items....

WANT TO ORDER....EMAIL ME here with name of items you want in the subject line please

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Just thought I'd share some pictures with you tonight.  The first is my quick attempt at getting the sunset from my studio window.  We were outside tonight and watched the sunset as we walked around and things.  It was so beautiful with purples and pinks.  Derrek always says that God is painting tonight when it looks like this.  It truly did look like He had a paint brush just making strokes all over the sky.  I got this quick picture as it was getting dark....so much prettier in person.  The sunrise is beautiful here too.  We have been very blessed to have such a view of the sunrise and sunset from our home.  I remember the builders telling us that they got here before daylight most mornings so they could watch the sunrise because it was the most beautiful they'd ever seen it.  The last few mornings the moon has still been out to watch as we walk around 6:30.  Just so wonderful!

The Annies are a custom order I did for a special lady.  She loves blues like me so it was so great to dress them up.  These are from my Pepper Ann and Bitsy Ann designs which will be patterns very soon.  I keep saying I will have patterns soon and I am trying very hard.  Life just always seems to have other plans for me.  I do have my desktop moved into my studio now and the internet up here with a booster antennae....thank goodness...so I am working on the patterns hopefully tomorrow.  I will have them here just as soon as I have them ready.  I will also have the new elf for the pattern club ready very soon....her name is Merry.

Hope you have a wonderful night!

Monday, September 5, 2011

misc. things for sale....updated throughout the day so be sure to check back

the two on the left are pinks and blues...the next three are for fall (a scarecrow, witch and pumpkin)...2 sets of the boy and girl Valentine's...1 boy/girl Christmas set...large blue one and small mauve one were handmade ones I bought...last one is in an additional picture below to show how to use him...MOST OF THESE ARE AROUND 17"....they could be used as is or would also be great to take the clothes off and stain the bodies for a more vintage look and wonderful smell.  $36 plus shipping for these and the 4 below.

I added these 4 after the top picture...the two on the left are just like the two on the top left picture other than they were played with so they are more worn and their clothes are stretched out...the third is a ceramic piece and the last one has a wooden block inside her body to make her sit well on a shelf

this guy is in the top picture too  but you couldn't see what he is used for...he is to hang on a door by his ears...he is brand new (I just took him out of the plastic bag for the pictures)...he measures about 24" long

Americana dolls...made by another dollmaker...from my personal collection...in wonderful condition...just displayed a little...$35 plus shipping for both dolls....19" & 18"

boy and girl gingerbread doll set...made by another dollmaker...from my personal collection....displayed a little at Christmas...in wonderful/like new condition...$35 plus shipping...large dolls ( 20" tall )

this was a bagholder I made a while back but never took her picture to sell her....the picture shows her cheeks much brighter than in person due to the flash...she measures 20"...she has a bow in her hair from the red homespun her shirt is made from...I can add a tag if you'd like...her hands are sewn together so she could hold some spoons or something...$16 plus shipping


this is a set of 4 brand new wool chair pads (2 of each chicken)...I love these but haven't found a great place to use them so I need to let someone enjoy them...they are handmade from 100% wool pile/cotton backing...$40 plus shipping...15" x 15"

NEW set of 4 floral placemats...$7 plus shipping

set of 4 apple placemats & napkins...used but in great condition...$10 plus shipping

set of 4 yellow placemats, 4 napkins and 4 wooden chicken napkin rings...used but in good condition...the top placemat has the two edges unraveled some but the other three underneath don't so I put it on top so you could see that part...the placemats would be cute on tables too for displaying your primitive treasures...I've been using placemats in my home to display groupings on end tables, small tables, etc.
$13 plus shipping

NEW retired/very hard to find Debbie Mumm bee skeep tart burner ( use a tea light on the inside and tart in the top...I just use mine for display though...too cute displayed with a bear)...I couldn't get the top picture to come out too well with the flash but the bottom picture shows the colors much better.  This is a gorgeous piece.  I sold several of these a while back for around $40 each on ebay due to them being so rare.  I had thought about keeping this one too but just haven't had the spot to put it so it has to go.  $30 plus shipping...4" tall x 4 1/2" wide
I am trying to start getting pictures of things I need to sell so I will be trying to add them here first.  The above (top 3 pictures) includes 18 bunnies total and is $36 plus shipping...just email if you're interested and I can get a request sent.  I will ship parcel, priority mail or UPS.

LOTS of craft supplies coming soon so be sure to check back.  I will be adding more items on this post as I get any pictures taken today.

I cut the end of my left ring finger pretty bad on our brick porch last week so I can't use my hand fully but hope to be back to listing new dolls and the patterns very soon.  Who knew swatting at a bee on your leg could turn into so much trouble.  I ended up stung twice and the end of my finger split open.  We were able to get the painting finished though so one more thing completed for outside work before it starts getting cooler...which I hope is very soon...lol.   I hope everyone is doing ok with this new storm.  We're getting some rain from it but nothing like the lower states got.  I pray that everyone is safe.

Click here to email me about any of these...