Thursday, August 30, 2012

NEW dolls

SOLD  brown sheep/black check Annie (4 1/2" sitting) $21 plus shipping
pink hair Annie ornie w/key (6") $20 plus shipping

i love teddy Annie (10") $30 plus shipping

lil miss Annie on block (8 1/2" on block) $25 plus shipping

plaid Annie on block (8 1/2" on block) $25 plus shipping

polka dot Annie on block (8 1/2" on block) $25 plus shipping

sheep dress Annie on block (10" on block) $25 plus shipping

sunflower dress Annie on block (10" on block) $25 plus shipping
EMAIL if you're interested in buying any of these dolls.
Please put DOLL ORDER in the subject line.
Dolls pictured on blocks do come with the block but are not attached.  So you can use the doll and block in other ways if you'd like.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

6 NEW patterns and LOTS of new DOLLS

(doll available for $35 plus shipping)
8" sitting ghost doll...comes with bonus candy corn pattern too
SOLD...will take custom orders in any color or theme
(doll available for $35 plus shipping)

11" gingerbread doll

SOLD...will take custom orders in any color or theme
(doll available for $38 plus shipping)
12" witch Annie doll

4" sitting bunny doll

12" Annie doll

 4 1/2" sitting dolls with heart
 Pick your pattern from the drop down menu below...please make one payment for all patterns you'd like.  Fred & Ginger are emailing now and all other patterns will be sent out by Saturday morning.  I just need to finish up some of the directions on them.
Buy all 6 patterns and you'll receive the Mandy Ann pattern templates pictured below as a bonus...

pick pattern or patterns you'd like

NEW DOLLS ready to ship out...

these 3 are so cute together...prices for each are under below pictures...if you're interested in the group I will send you a bonus large heart with them for free along with some extra tags

21" doll....flannel & lace...$50 plus shipping

SOLD 8" lil miss shabby ornie...$21 plus shipping

SOLD  8" shabby chic ornie...$21 plus shipping

8 1/2" lil Annie ornie...$21 plus shipping

SOLD...will take custom orders in any color or theme
8 1/2" raggedy Ann ornie...$21 plus shipping
Email if you're interested in any of the dolls for sale of if you have any questions on anything about the dolls or the new patterns.  Please put DOLLS in the subject line.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

more new patterns coming....

Glenda Ann witch available for $38 plus shipping

already sold

already sold

All of the above patterns will be coming out this week.  Be sure to check out the new gingerbread pattern on the post below that is releasing tomorrow.

NEW little Gingerbread pattern

new little gingerbread pattern...

Fred & Ginger

4 1/2" in sitting position

(includes gingerbread heart too)

e-pattern $8

available Wednesday 8-22-12

Friday, August 10, 2012

e-pattern SALE & BONUS pattern

Sale is over...I do offer my 3 e-patterns for $21 special all the time on my left side bar

weekend e-pattern SPECIAL with bonus

6 e-patterns of your choice for $36
(really you're getting 7 for $36 with the bonus)

FREE BONUS:  You'll also receive the template pieces and picture to make my new Mandy Ann pattern.  She is a simple 3 piece design as the legs and body are all one piece.  She is great for ornaments as well at about 10" tall.  This special will end Sunday night 8-12-12.  If you want just the template for Mandy Ann just email and you can buy her for $6.

Just let me know the patterns you'd like in the notes on payment or email me after you make payment with your choices.


Thursday, August 9, 2012


Wynter Thyme
24" One of a kind snowgirl doll
$70 plus shipping

Pip Berry Annie
( she is made from my Percy Ann pattern...just an Annie instead of a scarecrow)
11" doll holding pip berries and greenery
$30 plus shipping

I've had these two ready for a while but haven't had a chance to get their pictures.  Today was finally the day...lol.  They are so much prettier in person than the pictures show.  If you're interested in either doll just email and I can send a request from PayPal.

I haven't been feeling well this week so I'm running behind on new things and the new patterns.  Hope to get finished up with some tomorrow.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Weekend special on the last 3 e-patterns released.  Each e-pattern is $7 so you can buy 1, 2 or all 3 at that price.  This special will end Monday morning and the button will be removed from this post.

I've had a ton of outside work this week but am getting back into my studio today so new things and new patterns will be on the way very soon...maybe even a little witch pinkeep...she's very close to being done.

If you decide to get all 3 and possibly want any other e-pattern too I can send a request for 4 or more e-patterns at this same price each too.  As always I keep a PayPal button on the sidebar for 3 e-patterns for $21 anytime.