Thursday, March 31, 2011

how about another????

another $6 e-pattern special....Honey Bear

Also, be sure to check out the January - March TCC pattern club and bonus for rejoining this next subscription.....here's the page to check it out....

All orders placed through midnight tonight will go into a drawing for some surprise goodies.  I will try to get the picture on this posting later today.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

random SPECIAL - Carrie Ann epattern $6

Limited time special on e-pattern for Carrie Ann....$6

Sunday, March 27, 2011

SALE on dolls

Carrie Ann...9"...$21

I'm having a limited time special on the above doll and all the dolls on this posting....

FREE FIRST CLASS MAIL SHIPPING....I'll be adding PayPal buttons below each doll.  They are add to cart buttons so if you want more than one please add any and then make payment.  You will receive a surprise in your package too.

I will have new goodies coming up soon...

Also, the bunny pattern special is still going on...any 3 bunny patterns for $18...here's the posting where the PayPal button is...it says not the new ones but I will include them in the sale for the remainder of it...

  I am working on a SPECIALS PAGE to be added to the blog very soon. 

Also, all orders placed through March 31st will go into a drawing for some surprise goodies.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

another NEW pattern

Yes, another pattern.  This one is CARRIE ANN.  She is just a sweetheart with her headband and a little one at 9".  Great for an ornament or just anywhere.  I just LOVE how she turned out.  Below is the PayPal button to buy her e-pattern. 

Be sure to check out the last 3 posts below for other new releases.  I am going to have all the patterns updated on the sidebar later today.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Be sure to check the last couple posts below too for other new patterns...

Another new pattern today...HOPPY SPRING.  You'll get the bunny and eggs.  I painted my eggs but they'd be adorable done with felt and blanket stitched on.  They are all weighted so they will make a great display set. Hoppy measures 15 1/2" to the top of the ear and the eggs are 7".  I'll add a PayPal button below to buy the e-pattern.

If you're interested in the set of 3 pictured above the price is $36 plus shipping...just email below and I can send a request once I know your zip code or country if you're not in the US.  Please put HOPPY SPRING in the subject line.

email me.....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

NEW pattern * WHIMSY ANN *

Whimsy Ann is available now for e-pattern or mailed pattern.  She measures 9".  I've been wanting to make a more whimsical face so here she is...love those high pigtails too.  Below is the e-pattern PayPal button. 

Be sure to check out the newest information on the TCC pattern club below too.  You'll get the new Brownie Bear template free if you are an original member and rejoin for the April-June subscription.

Monday, March 21, 2011

MARCH TCC pattern club

I just updated the TCC pattern club page with the newest template addition.  I have also added a bonus template for anyone who was a member the first three months for rejoining the next three months.  It's not too late to join for the January - March 2011 subscription.  Once I received payment I will email you all three months templates and bonuses.  This month's template even has an additional head for another style doll to go with it.

The PayPal buttons are on the TCC pattern club page...here's the link to that page or you can get there from the link under my banner at the top of the page.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

update on pattern club & other info...

Hi Everyone,

Things have become really hectic lately and I'm behind again...some personal and family things (the above were items I did for my SIL for her birthday...I'll have a posting soon on the wonderful lady who made the wood for me).  I apologize for the delay in my pattern club but will have it ready tomorrow with a bonus extra for the delay that I think you'll enjoy. I am also working on a special for all current members who rejoin this next quarter.  I will have lots of new items coming this week as soon as I can get pictures taken.  I also will have lots of craft supplies coming...plastic canvas patterns, John Deere cloth, etc.

I have one other thing that has become a problem for me that I must ask to stop.  I myself may have missed giving credit on patterns and I try very hard to not do that.  I have noticed it happening quite a bit with some people and some are even changing the face a little and claiming it as their own pattern.  When you buy my pattern that is part of the agreement you make when purchasing it....it must state that you used a The Craftaholic Creations pattern.  Claiming it as your current or older design or anything like this is misuse of my copyright.  I have also noticed that some bloggers are scanning and giving away others patterns on their blog for anyone to take.  I ask you all please to honor others copyrights and please give credit where it is due.  I may upset some people by saying this but it just isn't fair to be doing these things and I know that deep in your heart you know it's wrong yourself.  I have lost come customers because of them misusing my designs and copyrights but I know that doing the right thing is THE RIGHT THING.  I am no saint but I try to do the right thing and I hope you would think no less of yourself than to do the same....BE HONEST and DO THE RIGHT THING.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

LOTS of new dolls available

Butterfly Annie bloomers...13"... $21 plus shipping (made from my Ruby Ann pattern)

Bunny apron Annie...12".... $25 plus shipping ...her apron is tied on so you can remove it if you'd like to for other times than Spring or Easter

Sunflower dress Annie...10"...$20 plus shipping

pink homespun Hunny Bunny tag...10"...$21 plus shipping

Olde Toys Annie with teddy...12"...$25 plus shipping

Sunflower tag Annie...10"...$20 plus shipping

LOTS of new dollies to pick from...prices are below each doll.  I will start adding these on ebay soon so if you're interested in getting one just let me know with the email link below...put DOLL in subject line please.

I will be making more of the Ruby Ann in bloomers so if you're interested in having one made in a certain color just let me know.

Monday, March 14, 2011

e-pattern SALE 4 for $24

All e-patterns are 4 for $24 for a limited time.  If you'd like more than 4 at this cost just email and I will be glad to send a request for the amount you want.  Just add the names of the patterns you'd like in the notes to merchant or you can just email me with pattern choices in the subject line.

email me.....


So much has been going on lately that I just haven't had time to finish up my new patterns and things.  I am working on lots of things this week and hope to have something starting tomorrow.  I will have the newest pattern club pattern this week too...she's a cutie.  I'm behind on emails too so if you've emailed and I haven't replied yet please send it again. I am trying very hard to get more organized and hope to be able to get more things done and all replies to emails done in a more timely manner.

Hope you have a great one!!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Custom signs

Here's a custom sign I painted for Samantha of Samantha's Accessories.  Her mom, Sandy of The Olde Country Cupboard emailed me asking about making it and I just loved being able to come up with something along with Samantha to make it just what she wanted.  Be sure to check out Samantha and Sandy's blogs for their wonderful creations...they're both wonderful people to deal with. I am working on some of Sandy's patterns now so be sure to check back to see how they turn out.

I do custom signs and all other sorts of custom things so if you're ever looking for something just email and I'll be glad to discuss it with you.  I'm sure we could come up with something that would be just what you wanted to.

I have a new bunny pattern coming as well as some other new creations so I'll be back soon......