Thursday, May 29, 2014

e-pattern SALE - Buy 2 get 1 FREE

E-pattern SALE

buy 2 get 1 FREE

sale is one week only
(Thursday 5-29-14 through Wednesday 6-4-14)

Here's the e-pattern page where lots of the patterns are pictured.  Most of the recent ones aren't there but I'll try to work on getting those added soon.  You can always check back through old posts in the last several months to see what else there is.  Zoey Ann and Chloe Ann from the current TCC Pattern Club are not included in this sale.

List patterns you want in your payment or email me.

sale has ended

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New BEAR doll

Bumble Bear
14" or so not including her bow

tag will be added with your choice of word or saying

$45 plus shipping

custom orders welcome for this doll in any color or theme you like as well as the same in picture

doll body can also be made in a different color if you want (pink, purple, green, light yellow, light blue, or any print material)

email if you'd like to buy her

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jessica Ann - NEW doll for sale & pattern for June TCC Pattern Club

Jessica Ann

16" not including her hair

$45 plus shipping

email if you'd like to buy her or have one custom made in colors of your choice

Jessica Ann is also the pattern for the TCC Pattern Club for June.  She will be released on June 1st.  The TCC Pattern Club is $18 and the current subscription includes Zoey Ann, Chloe Ann and Jessica Ann (to be released 6-1).

Sunday, May 11, 2014

updated SALE BIN page with well loved dolls from my personal doll collection

SALE BIN updated with remaining dolls

some have been marked down

More dolls will be added this week so be sure to check back

click below to go to page

I will combine shipping for dolls and can ship parcel or priority mail

Friday, May 2, 2014

May TCC Pattern Club

Chloe Ann
10 1/2" (not including hair & bow) doll 
with 5 1/2" star

$40 plus shipping

Email if you'd like to buy Chloe Ann or have one custom made for you.


Chloe Ann is the May TCC Pattern Club doll pattern being released today.  If you'd like to join you'll receive the patterns for Chloe Ann, Zoey Ann and the June doll for $18.  

The PayPal link is below to sign up.

TCC Pattern Club
April - June 2014