Friday, February 26, 2010

Dudley the dragon...possible new pattern

Here he is...Dudley the dragon.  I am a huge fan of Dustin Pike's art and just had the opportunity to make a doll from his wonderful dragon art.  Be sure to check out Dustin's blog to see all his wonderful creations.  He offers custom name art on etsy that is THE BEST!!!!  He has rubber stamps with High Hopes Stamps and offers his own downloads of his artwork too.  He even has freebie Wednesday for some super free downloads...be sure to check out this week's download below the information about Dudley.   http://www.dustinpike.blogspot.com/

Maybe there will even be a Dudley pattern available here soon....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mac - My Valentine

Here's what my sweet...sweet...sweet husband got me for Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!  I'm already in love!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

OOAK Annie make do & Belindy doll

OOAK Keeper of the hearts Annie make do

Annie has been made from coffee/vanilla baked muslin with a stitched face.  Her hair has been sewn on.  She is mounted onto a vintage brass candlestick.  LISTED ON EBAY 2-12-10...7 day auction.

Pokey Dot Belindy

Belindy has been made from dark muslin with a painted and stitched face.  Her dress and bloomers are a mix of red and red/white polka dot material.  She can sit or hang.  LISTED ON EBAY 2-12-10...7 day auction.