Tuesday, March 18, 2014

April - June TCC Pattern Club EARLY SIGN UP * BONUS *

April - June TCC Pattern Club

Early Sign up 



It's time to sign up for the April - June TCC Pattern Club.  All who sign up by March 31st will receive a BONUS egg stitchery design.  This will be ready to email starting Friday 3-21-14.

The cost is $18 for the 3 month subscription.  All patterns will include the templates for head and body together and the head separate.  Patterns come with the cover page that has the picture and supplies needed, the templates for making the doll and her clothes, and a basic doll making file. 

 Patterns during the subscription are available to non club members at a cost of $10 each.

Below is the PayPal button to sign up.  I hope you'll join me for the next subscription.  I have some cute ideas for the coming months.

TCC Pattern Club April - June

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

BUNNY e-pattern SALE 3 for $18 or all 13 for $60

11" doll

12" doll

10 1/2" doll

15 1/2" bunny & 7" eggs (weighted to stand)

13" doll

11" tree topper doll (no legs)

13" doll

4" sitting doll

13 1/2" doll & eggs

12 1/2" doll (sitting)

10" sitting doll (big doll)

10" sitting doll

20" doll

Bunny e-pattern SPECIAL

3 for $18

Just let me know in your payment or an email which patterns you want from the ones pictured above.  

Bunnita is NOT included in this sale.

If you want more than 3 just email and I can send a request for the number you want at $6 each.

If you'd like to buy all 13 of these bunny patterns I will do a one time special of $60.  That's less than $5 a pattern.  There's a place on the PayPal button to select for all 13.

bunny e-pattern sale

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March TCC pattern club doll - Bunnita BUNNY

SOLD  Bunnita

custom orders welcome

12" raggedy bunny doll
(not including bow)

$38 plus shipping

email if you'd like to buy the doll pictured or have one custom made in your choice of fabrics


My new Bunnita e-pattern will be emailed to all current club members later this afternoon.  If you'd like to join this subscription you'll receive e-patterns for Bunnita and the two dolls below as well.  All 3 e-patterns are $18 for this subscription.  All patterns include the head with the body as one piece and the head and body separate pieces so you can make her however is easier for you.  They come with a pattern cover that includes the picture and all supplies needed, all templates and a basic doll making file.

Below is a PayPal button to join for $18

If you'd like to just buy one of the e-patterns they are $10 each during that current subscription.  Below is a PayPal button for purchasing one.  Just select the pattern you'd like.

pick your pattern choice