Wednesday, April 28, 2010

our MACaroni

Just thought I'd update a new picture of our little man...isn't he ADORABLE!!!!  He is 5 months now and I'm guessing around 60 lbs....not sure how big he will be as he hasn't grown into his big feet yet...YIKES!!!  He is really smart and getting better with his behavior but wants to dig a lot lately....those big feet can do some damage that's for sure.  You can see some dirt on his mouth in this picture because I had just caught him digging in my flower beds.  I knocked on the door and he came part of the way up the steps to the porch with that "what...I didn't do anything" look.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of that because it was really cute and you could see the holes in the background behind him.  He has some very unusual things he does too that I've never seen in a dog before.  I think he thinks he is human...lol.  He likes to sit in one of the wrought iron chairs on the porch like a person...very funny to see...I'll have to try to get a picture of that one.  He likes to put his rawhide in the chair too and chew on it with only his back feet on the ground....kind of like someone wanting to prop up at a table or bar top.  He is very comfortable standing on his back feet only and he jumps up, puts his feet on something (a table or shelf) and walks around things like that.  He has become very balanced lately doing it and can even walk around a table like that.  He loves to jump up in my lap when I sit down too and just stay there with his back feet on the ground.  He comes at me to start with almost with his front legs open like he is trying to hug me or something and then stays in my arms like that for a little while...until he starts wanting to chew on me...I must taste good to him because that has been a favorite thing to do for the past 3 months.  He tries to catch things with his front legs too and even uses his front paws almost like hands...it's like they seperate for fingers to work on things he is chewing on.  Lots of excitement around with MACaroni for sure!!!! We really enjoy having him in our family and I look forward to lots of fun times with him....

Here's a custom order doll I've been working on of my Laundry Lindsey pattern....I did a cute basket with stained socks added to it and added one of my handmade tags...hope you like her Lisa....

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

buy 4 get 1 FREE e-pattern SPECIAL

I am currently working on new patterns so while I finish those up I thought I'd offer an e-pattern special.  I will run this special until I list my next pattern which will be in the next 2 or 3 days.  All e-patterns that I have shown now are available for this special.  Buy 4 e-patterns for $32 and you get the 5th e-pattern free....that's $6.40 per pattern.  There is a PayPal button on the side to buy this special.  Just be sure to list your choice of e-patterns in the instructions to merchant or just email me.  THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!