Friday, May 25, 2012

May TCC pattern club doll & update

This month's TCC pattern club doll includes templates to make the doll all three ways shown above...as a hanging group with hearts, a full doll or a lil standing doll.  If you'd like to join the current subscription you can join at the bottom of this posting.

The April doll was Julia Ann pictured above

The June doll template pattern will be shown this weekend and will be emailed out on June 1st.

I also wanted to update you on what's going on.  I had an accident on my bicycle recently which caused me to be unable to do much of anything.  My cuts are starting to heal more and my black eye is starting to get better too so I am hoping I'll be able to walk better and use my left arm more this weekend.  I have various things to catch up on and then I'm on to lots of new things.  The bike went to Goodwill the next day so no more chances for any of that.  I'll just have to find other ways to work out more.  The chain came off while I was pedaling while standing and that doesn't do much for you to have a chance to get down other than falling on asphalt.  I was so fortunate that it wasn't worse than it is so I just thank God for watching over me.  That is what has made me be able to make it through the week without getting too depressed.  I am not one to sit without doing anything but I did what I had to so I would heal up and all and I think it is on the turn around to getting all better. 

I have more dolls that were already finished so I will be trying to get pictures this weekend and post them here.  I will be trying to get lots listed on ebay too.  I would love to sell them here so as not to have to pay all the extra fees so just email if you'd like to make any offers on any of the dolls in postings below. 

Hope you have a wonderful day and I'll be back throughout the weekend with specials and lots of new things hopefully.


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