Thursday, January 13, 2011

AUCTIONS on ebay

LOTS of goodies added on ebay last night.  They had a special through last Friday so I listed all my auctions.  I will continue editing with new items and all throughout today so be sure to check back later too.  There are LOTS of painted items and dolls.  A link is at the bottom of this post.

I have extra ones of the photo album so if you'd like to just purchase one through me it will be $10 plus shipping.  I will personalize the top area and can add a personalized year or name tag on the bow.  There are 3 extras and these will be all I will have so be sure to get one if you like it. 

Candles....I will be painting more of the 3" candles so just email if you'd like to custom order some with an Annie, gingerbread, bear, bunny, or whatever painted on it.  They will be $10 each.  I don't have but a couple more of the metal candle pans so I will start including a stained doily with the others.  I'll have a picture of that soon.

There are 100 auctions on my ebay...lots of the first ones are dolls and then lots of patterns....the ones I started adding yesterday are more towards the end.  I will have lots more dolls and other items added today.  If you have any questions just let me know.

Also, I am continuing the special on e-patterns through today.  It will end tonight and I will have a new pattern tomorrow.  The button to buy that special is in the posting below this one.

Hope you have a great day!!!!!!

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