Friday, January 21, 2011

NEW DOLL & custom items to paint

I'm going to try something a little different this year.  I will be making some ONE OF A KIND dolls and showing them on my blog prior to listing them on ebay or etsy.  They will be available to purchase and ship immediately. 

Patchwork is a ONE OF A KIND Annie with lots of detail.  She is about 22" tall.  She's been made from coffee/vanilla stained muslin.  I've sewn on yarn hair.  Her face is stitched with button eyes and a wool felt nose.  Her boots are painted and sanded then lace was added to the top.  Her bloomers are made from the blue floral on the bodice of her dress.  I've added one of my handmade tags to her dress with Annie on it.

Patchwork is $55 plus shipping.  If you buy her direct from me you will get a surprise in your package.  Just email if you're interested in buying her with PATCHWORK in the subject line.

Are you interested in having some custom painted for you...here are some items I have on hand that I will be painting to sell.  Just email if you're interested in something.  I can paint gingerbread, Annies, teddy bears, sheep, saltbox houses, etc.  Just email if you'd like to discuss what you'd like painted and get a price.  All items are one of a kind other than the wooden tissue box covers (I have two of those).


this utensil holder is on a lazy susan to twirl all around...there are utensils on each side and a hole in the top....I would paint over the duck area on the front

vintage white/red enamel...can be painted all around or just on one side

wooden boutique tissue box cover...can be painted on one side or on all four to be able to change around

metal stool...seat is sponged and can have whatever painted on it...legs can be whatever solid color you'd like

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